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Standard gyroscopes found in mobile phones tend to have bias in output angular rate. Nowadays these mobiles are also equipped with high resolution cameras and multimedia-ready processors capable to calculate optical flow from shot images. In order to lower the gyroscope bias, thus leading to a less drifting integrated angle, camera based optical flow values(More)
Indoor navigation falls into two main categories: helping people to find their way in buildings, and for automation purposes for example for robots or quadricopters. In this paper pedestrian navigation is being discussed using commercial mobile phones in that particular case, when global navigation systems are not available. Furthermore no beacon or(More)
In this paper we propose and examine a robust method for orientation estimation of wearables (like Google Glass) through bias compensation of gyroscope. Through integration of raw angular rates, the resulting orientation estimate will drift, due to the non-zero bias of the measured gyroscope was also accumulated. A simple error model was constructed for the(More)
In this paper techniques for reliable orientation estimation on Android-based devices are investigated in the aspect of processing demand. In terms of reliability, an optical flow based sensor fusion method is proposed. With a well detailed measurement configuration, the results are shown in the aspect of processor load and different frame rate for both(More)
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