László Kövér

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The common raven (Corvus corax) is an abundant generalist of the northern hemisphere, known to congregate and roost near human-related food sources. Due to a growing human-footprint and associated anthropogenic food subsidies, raven populations have increased dramatically over the past several years throughout the USA. The sub-arctic region has also(More)
Citation: Kövér L (2015) Surfaces and interfaces: combining electronic structure and electron transport models for describing electron spectra. There are many different types of physical and chemical phenomena reflected in electron spectra induced from atoms, molecules, nanostructures, and solids by photons or charged particles. Table 1 compares the(More)
In this work we study the effect of the excitation of surface plasmons in a metallic cylindrical nanorod by a suddenly created electron-hole pair, using a classical model for the emerging electron and a quantum-mechanical model for the plasmon field in the cylinder. The electron and the hole interact independently with the plasmon field, generating electron(More)
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