László Horváth

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Higher education courses are increasingly created as student organized collections of interrelated modules. At the same time, frequent change of subject matter and knowledge in its background must be handled. Above and other factors created and recognized a need for efficient computer based course management. Conventional computer aided teaching methods are(More)
Members of glycosyltransferase protein families GT8, GT43 and GT47 are implicated in the biosynthesis of xylan in the secondary cell walls of Arabidopsis. The Arabidopsis mutant irx8 has a 60% reduction in xylan. However, over-expression of an ortholog of Arabidopsis IRX8, poplar PoGT8D, in Arabidopsis irx8 mutant could not restore xylan synthesis. The(More)
The speciation of several insulin-mimetic/enhancing VO(IV) and Zn(II) complexes in human blood serum was studied and a comparison was made concerning the ability of the serum components to interact with the original metal complexes and the distribution of the metal ions between the low and the high molecular fractions of the serum. It was found that the low(More)
This paper is concerned with the evaluation of effects of modeled object changes at development of product in virtual space. Modeling of engineering objects such as elements and structures of products, results of analyses and tests, processes for production, and customer services has reached the level where sophisticated descriptions and modeling procedures(More)
A main drawback for currently applied engineering modeling is that large models in the industry with so many unorganized inside and outside relations are hard to survey and understand by engineers at definition of new contributions. The authors developed a new concept and methodology to improve current product modeling by an extension to new content based(More)