László Horváth

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—Success in engineering activities mostly depends on success in transfer of human intent into product. Recently, product development applies product model as medium to describe product information in product data base. While modeling gives a great chance for the description of engineer's intent, current information based product models are not capable of(More)
Higher education courses are increasingly created as student organized collections of interrelated modules. At the same time, frequent change of subject matter and knowledge in its background must be handled. Above and other factors created and recognized a need for efficient computer based course management. Conventional computer aided teaching methods are(More)
Advancements in engineering modeling have changed the work of engineers during the last two decades. Sophisticated descriptions store information about shape oriented engineering objects and their relationships. Boundary representations of form features constitute shape models. Rules and checks have replaced simple data form of shape model entity(More)
During the past decade, work of engineers has moved into integrated product modeling systems at the leading industries. In order to establish high level and comprehensive support of product related engineering activities, engineering software has been concentrated in product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. Product development applies object modeling(More)