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Find loads of the a distribution free theory of nonparametric regression book catalogues in this site as the choice of you visiting this page. You can also join to the website book library that will show you numerous books from any types. Literature, science, politics, and many more catalogues are presented to offer you the best book to find. The book that(More)
In this paper the sequential prediction problem with expert advice is considered when the loss is unbounded under partial monitoring scenarios. We deal with a wide class of the partial monitoring problems: the combination of the label efficient and multi-armed bandit problem, that is, where the algorithm is only informed about the performance of the chosen(More)
A general theorem is proved showing how to ohtain a constant-weight binary cyclic code from a p-ary linear cyclic code, where p is a prime,. by using a representation of Cl;(p) as cyclic shifts of a binary p-tuple. Based on this theorem, constructions are given for four classes of binary constant-weight codes. The first two classes are shown to achieve the(More)
We consider the rate of convergence of the expected distortion redundancy of empirically optimal vector quantizers. Earlier results show that the mean-squared distortion of an empirically optimal quantizer designed from n independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) source samples converges uniformly to the optimum at a rate of O(1//spl radic/n), and(More)
The problem of the nonparametric estimation of a probability distribution is considered from three viewpoints: the consistency in total variation, the consistency in information divergence, and consistency in reversed order information divergence. These types of consistencies are relatively strong criteria of convergence, and a probability distribution(More)
ÐWe give a short proof of the following result. Let …X; Y † be any distribution on N f0; 1g, and let …X1; Y1†; . . . ; …Xn; Yn† be an i.i.d. sample drawn from this distribution. In discrimination, the Bayes error L ˆ infg Pfg…X† 6ˆ Y g is of crucial importance. Here we show that without further conditions on the distribution of …X; Y †, no(More)
In recent years optimal portfolio selection strategies for sequential investment have been shown to exist. Although their asymptotical optimality is well established, finite sample properties do need the adjustment of parameters that depend on dimensionality and scale. In this paper we introduce some nearest neighbor based portfolio selectors that solve(More)
Three simple and explicit procedures for testing the independence of two multi-dimensional random variables are described. Two of the associated test statistics (L1, log-likelihood) are defined when the empirical distribution of the variables is restricted to finite partitions. A third test statistic is defined as a kernel-based independence measure. Two(More)
We present a simple randomized procedure for the prediction of a binary sequence. The algorithm uses ideas from recent developments of the theory of the prediction of individual sequences. We show that if the sequence is a realization of a stationary and ergodic random process then the average number of mistakes converges, almost surely, to that of the(More)
Constructions of protocol sequences for multiple-access collision channel without feedback are given. These constructions are the extensions of those described by A, GyiiriI, and Massey. If the basic code in their constructions, a Reed-Solomon code, is replaced by a BCH code then the resulting protocol sequences have the feature that, for a given sum rate,(More)