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Magnesium (Mg) supplementation remarkably improves the digestibility of feed. In cows and sows, it has improved the reproduction and shortened the service period. In broilers it increased weight gain, and it has increased egg production of laying hens. In addition, increasing Mg intake benefits the quality of breeding eggs and improves hatching yield.(More)
This is a position paper on phenotype-based evolution modeling. It argues that evolutionary complexity is essentially a functional kind of complexity, and for it to evolve, a full body, or, in other words, a dynamically defined, deeply structured, and plasticity-bound phenotype is required. In approaching this subject, we ask and answer some key questions,(More)
Agent-based modeling is a branch of computer simulation , especially suited for studying complex social systems. It models the individual, together with its imperfections (e.g., limited cognitive or computational abilities), its idiosyncrasies and personal interactions. The approach builds the model from 'the bottom-up', focus-ing mostly on micro rules and(More)