László Dencső

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Bovine besnoitiosis has been recently diagnosed in a three-parted herd of 796 Aubrac and Charolais beef cattle in Hungary. A large scale serological, histological and molecular survey was initiated in order to uncover important factors in the local epidemiology of the disease. Blood samples were collected (three times from the whole herd, and repeatedly(More)
West Nile virus (WNV) strains may differ significantly in neuroinvasiveness in vertebrate hosts. In contrast to genetic lineage 1 WNVs, molecular determinants of pathogenic lineage 2 strains have not been experimentally confirmed so far. A full-length infectious clone of a neurovirulent WNV lineage 2 strain (578/10; Central Europe) was generated and amino(More)
It usually gains proper attention, when blood-sucking arthropod species in Europe show northward spreading, in part due to climate change and global warming. Accordingly , it is well known, that the geographical regions where pathogens transmitted by these as biological vectors are endemic, also may extend towards the north. However, it is mostly less(More)
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