László Bodrogi

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In the period from 1981 to 1985, 32 odontoid fractures were treated in the National Institute of Traumatology. In 4 cases anterior stabilization was made with compression-screws from the ventral approach. Two cases of odontoid fractures are shown, one accompanied by ventral, the other by dorsal dislocation. A brief review of the results with different(More)
An increased secretion of gonadotropic hormone was found in hyperthyroid males despite the high basal serum total testosterone and oestradiol levels. This suggests that hyperthyroidism affects the responsiveness of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis to sexual steroid hormones. While in the hyperthyroid patients the elevation of the serum testosterone level in(More)
To assess the validity of serum dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DS) radioimmunoassay instead of urinary total 17-ketosteroid (17-KS) or individual metabolite (dehydroepiandrosterone + etiocholanolone + androsterone; D + E + A) determination to control adrenal androgen function, a comparative study has been performed. Mathematical analysis of simultaneous(More)
A simple routine method is reported for the determination of progesterone in blood by gas-liquid chromatography. An unlabelled internal standard, testosterone acetate, was added to plasma samples. Following preliminary purification by thin-layer chromatography, progesterone in pregnancy plasma was evaluated as the free steroid with a flame ionization(More)
A simple and accurate gas chromatographic method for the determination of testosterone in human urine is described. Radioactive testosterone was added to samples to correct methodological loss. A mild acid hydrolysis under protection of benzene layer gave a single estimate of testosterone glucuronate and sulphate. Paper chromatography and rechromatography(More)