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Web caching is an important technique to scale the Internet. One important performance factor of Web caches is the replacement strategy. Due to specific characteristics of the World Wide Web, there exist a huge number of proposals for cache replacement. This article proposes a classification for these proposals that subsumes prior classifications. Using(More)
A Ap p pp p pe e ea a ar r r i i in n n " " " S S So o of f ft t tw w wa a ar r re e e C C Co o on n nc c ce e ep p pt t ts s s & & & T T To o oo o ol l ls s s " " " Why Java is not my favorite first-course language Abstract. The choice of the first-course programming language for a university-level computer science curriculum has pedagogical ramifications(More)
Due to the increasing availability and use of digital video data on the Web, video caching will be an important performance factor in the future WWW. We propose an architecture of a video proxy cache that integrates modern multimedia and communication standards. Especially we describe features of the MPEG-4 and MPEG-7 multimedia standards that can be(More)
We propose a video browsing tool supporting new efficient navigation means and content-based search within a single video, allowing for interactive exploration and playback of video content. The user interface provides flexible navigation indices by visualizing low-level features and frame surrogates along one or more timelines, called interactive(More)
Introduction and Main Contributions Providing mechanisms that allow the user to retrieve desired multimedia information by their semantic content is now an important issue in multimedia databases [1]. However, current prototypes (e.g. Oracle 8i interMedia and Informix Datablade Modules) index mostly only low-level features of multimedia objects. Therefore(More)