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Web caching is an important technique to scale the Internet. One important performance factor of Web caches is the replacement strategy. Due to specific characteristics of the World Wide Web, there exist a huge number of proposals for cache replacement. This article proposes a classification for these proposals that subsumes prior classifications. Using(More)
—In the medical domain it has become common to store recordings of endoscopic surgeries or procedures. The storage of these endoscopic videos provides not only evidence of the work of the surgeons but also facilitates research, the training of new surgeons and supports explanations to the patients. However, an endoscopic video archive, where tens or(More)
A Ap p pp p pe e ea a ar r r i i in n n " " " S S So o of f ft t tw w wa a ar r re e e C C Co o on n nc c ce e ep p pt t ts s s & & & T T To o oo o ol l ls s s " " " Why Java is not my favorite first-course language Abstract. The choice of the first-course programming language for a university-level computer science curriculum has pedagogical ramifications(More)
An architecture for a memory-resident, Parallel and Persistent ObjectSTore (PPOST) is suggested. Different object-oriented databases might be built on top of PPOST. The term memory-resident (or main memory based) means that the primary storage device is main memory. Persistence is guaranteed automatically by managing secondary and stable storage devices(More)
Even the more or less " canonical " , lower-level architecture of information systems needs to be revisited from time to time. Notions like persistence and transactions belong traditionally to the area of database management systems. There are, however, many applications, such as CAD, VLSI design or simulation, which need persistence and could take(More)