László Böszörményi

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Web caching is an important technique to scale the Internet. One important performance factor of Web caches is the replacement strategy. Due to specific characteristics of the World Wide Web, there exist a huge number of proposals for cache replacement. This article proposes a classification for these proposals that subsumes prior classifications. Using(More)
In the last 15 years much effort has been made in the field of segmentation of videos into scenes. We give a comprehensive overview of the published approaches and classify them into seven groups based on three basic classes of low-level features used for the segmentation process: (1) visual-based, (2) audio-based, (3) text-based, (4) audio-visual-based,(More)
The increasing availability of short, unstructured video clips on the Web has generated an unprecedented need to organize, index, annotate and retrieve video contents to make them useful to potential viewers. This paper presents a novel, simple, and easy-to-use tool to benchmark different low level features for video summarization based on keyframe(More)
We participate in the Video Browser Showdown with our easy-to-use video browsing tool. It can be used for getting a quick overview of videos as well as for simple Known Item Search (KIS) tasks. It offers a parallel and a tree-like browsing interface for navigating through the content of single videos or even small video collections in a hierarchical,(More)
Due to the increasing availability and use of digital video data on the Web, video caching will be an important performance factor in the future WWW. We propose an architecture of a video proxy cache that integrates modern multimedia and communication standards. Especially we describe features of the MPEG-4 and MPEG-7 multimedia standards that can be(More)
An adaptive multimedia proxy is presented which provides (1) caching, (2) filtering, and (3) media gateway functionalities. The proxy can perform media adaptation on its own, either relying on layered coding or using transcoding mainly in the decompressed domain. A cost model is presented which incorporates user requirements, terminal capabilities, and(More)
A new approach for interactive video browsing is described. The novelty of the proposed approach is the flexible concept of interactive navigation summaries. Similar to time sliders, commonly used with standard soft video players, navigation summaries allow random access to a video. In addition, they also provide abstract visualizations of the content at a(More)
In the medical domain it has become common to store recordings of endoscopic surgeries or procedures. The storage of these endoscopic videos provides not only evidence of the work of the surgeons but also facilitates research, the training of new surgeons and supports explanations to the patients. However, an endoscopic video archive, where tens or hundreds(More)