László Andor

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In spite of extensive research on fitting parametric surfaces, the published ‘standard’ solutions often fail, when data points are irregularly distributed over topologically irregular domains, high accuracy is required and the free quantities of least squares fitting—such as the number and placement of knots, the weights of the smoothing functionals and the(More)
This paper considers simultaneous fitting of multiple curves and surfaces to 3D measured data captured as part of a reverse engineering process, where constraints exist between the parameters of the curves or surfaces. Enforcing such constraints may be necessary (i) to produce models to sufficiently accurate tolerances for import into a CAD system, and (ii)(More)
The divergences developed within the euro area represent the main threat to the existence of the single currency and to the stability of the EU as a whole. Without proper automatic stabilisers, a monetary union can only deliver suboptimal results and may not even be sustainable. In the recent years, common unemployment insurance has been examined as one of(More)
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