Kyuwoong Lee

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The multidatabase system(MDBS) has a global database, a set of global and local transactions, and a global transaction manager(GTM) which is built on top of a number of pre-existing database management systems(DBMS) that are being integrated into a single MDBS. The global transaction manager has the responsibility for maintaining the global consistency of(More)
The objectives of multidatabase transaction management are to avoid the inconsistent retrievals and to preserve the global consistency in the presence of multidatabase updates. In order to maintain the global consistency, the MDBS must ensure the global integrity constraints as well as the global serializability of transactions. The global transaction(More)
The global inter-site constraints is to describe the integrity constraints associated with data items in diierent local databases, which specify the global connguration of the data that are considered semantically correct. Locally consistent transactions may generate global inconsistencies with the existence of global integrity constraints. Hence, we need(More)
A chiral aziridine was utilized for the synthesis of the anti-bacterial natural amino acid L-(+)-furanomycin, and its analogues including 5'-epi-furanomycin and norfuranomycin. Key steps of this synthesis are the stereoselective Pd-catalyzed etherification for diallyl ethers and ring closing metathesis.
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