Kyutaro Abe

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In this paper, we describe improved designs of a printed disc monopole antenna for UWB application, focusing on miniaturization of the disc radiator with the size of the ground fixed. In order to decrease the antenna size, an exponentially curved notch on the ground plane of the antenna was investigated, and the optimal design of the shape of notch(More)
The induction field caused by MF broadcast waves can occasionally be a safety concern during maintenance and inspection work on transmission lines. In this paper, we examine a coil grounding and we put forward a method of selecting ground points (steel towers) with the aim of reducing the induction field and thereby ensuring better safety. The frequency(More)
For emission from a printed circuit board (PCB) by the common-mode current the suppression method based on the image theory by placing a conducting plate under the PCB is presented. In order to evaluate the suppression effect by this method the radiation power from the PCB is calculated by using FDTD method. The numerical results show that placing the(More)
A new optical fiber flow velocity sensor was developed by using an optical fiber information network system in sewer drainage pipes. The optical fiber flow velocity sensor operates without electric power, and the signals from the sensor can be transmitted over a long distance through the telecommunication system in the optical fiber network. Field tests(More)
The effect of suppressing electromagnetic emission from a printed circuit board (PCB) with a microstrip line by using a magnetic absorber located along the microstrip line is investigated. On calculation, a ferrite plate with the Debey dispersion is used as a magnetic absorber. The PCB consists of an infinite ground plane, dielectric substrate and a(More)
Emission from a printed circuit board (PCB) with a finite size becomes serious when the common mode current is excited on it. Such the common mode current can be occurred at connections of conducting wires, or at a discontinuity of a line or a ground plane on a PCB. In order to clarify a relation between connected a conducting wire to emission, the authors(More)
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