Kyushu Yoneda

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m This paper presents a new methodology for generating a straight legged walking pattern for a biped robot utilizing up-and-down motion of an upper body. Firstly, we define two new indexes, the Knee Stretch Index (KSI) and the Knee Torque Index (KTI), which indicate how efficiently the knee joints are utilized. Next, up-and-down motion of the upper body is(More)
The methods designed for the repair of a complete cleft lip should not be used to repair an incomplete cleft lip. This results too often in the postoperative drooping of the white lip on the affected side because in most incomplete cleft lips there is more tissue on the cleft side than in complete cleft lip. We present and discuss the refinements we made in(More)
A technique is presented for the correction of the whistling deformity of the upper lip, which is commonly seen in patients with repaired bilateral cleft lip. Two opposing transposition flaps based on the central portion of the upper vermilion are used. The shape of these flaps resembles a two-bladed propeller, thus we call the technique the "propeller(More)
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