Kyungtai Lee

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Hallux valgus (HV) is a common foot deformity of multifactorial etiology, but knowledge about the relative importance of genetics and environments on HV has been limited. In order to estimate genetic influences on HV, 1,265 adults, including 175 monozygotic twin (MZ) pairs, 31 dizygotic twin (DZ) pairs, and 853 first-degree singleton family members of the(More)
The ovine skeletal-muscle-specific calpain gene (p94), which is known also as the n-calpain or calpain 3 gene (CAPN3), was screened with primers. Selection of the PCR primers was based on the ovine cDNA sequence (GenBank accession No. AF087570). After sequence alignment between the ovine and human (AY902237) genes, exon and intron boundaries were(More)
Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries which are about 40% of total sports injuries and 20~40% of them would be progressed to chronic ankle instability (CAI) [1]. Rehabilitation and surgical therapy have been used to treat CAI, and the open modified Brostrm operation (MBO) is the gold standard surgical procedure. There are various(More)
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