Kyungsook Gartrell

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BACKGROUND In the U.S., there are federal requirements on how much training and annual continuing education a certified nursing assistant must complete in order to be certified. The requirements are designed to enable them to provide competent and quality care to nursing home residents. Many states also require additional training and continuing education(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors examined the relationship of staff turnover to selected nursing home quality outcomes, in the context of staffing and skill mix. BACKGROUND Staff turnover is a serious concern in nursing homes as it has been found to adversely affect care. When employee turnover is minimized, better care quality is more likely in nursing homes. (More)
BACKGROUND Although body temperature is one of four key vital signs routinely monitored and treated in clinical practice, relatively little is known about the symptoms associated with febrile states. The purpose of this study was to assess the validity, reliability and feasibility of the Fever Assessment Tool (FAST) in an acute care research setting. (More)
K. Gartrell1; A.M. Trinkoff2; C.L. Storr2; M.L. Wilson3; A.P. Gurses4 1National Institutes of Health/National Library of Medicine/Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, Bethesda, MD; 2University of Maryland School of Nursing, Baltimore, MD; 3Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Baltimore, MD; 4Armstrong Institute for Patient(More)
An electronic personal health record is a patient-centric tool that enables patients to securely access, manage, and share their health information with healthcare providers. It is presumed the nursing informatics community would be early adopters of electronic personal health record, yet no studies have been identified that examine the personal adoption of(More)
BACKGROUND Leadership is a key consideration in improving nursing home care quality. Previous research found nursing homes with more credentialed leaders had lower rates of care deficiencies than nursing homes with less credentialed leaders. Evidence that nursing home administrator (NHA) and director of nursing (DON) education and certification is related(More)
INTRODUCTION Nurses promote self-care and active participation of individuals in managing their health care, yet little is known about their own use of electronic personal health records (ePHRs). The purpose of this study was to examine factors associated with ePHR use by nurses for their own health management. METHODS A total of 664 registered nurses(More)