Kyungsik Roh

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This paper presents a 14-DOF robotic hand including 5 fingers and a wrist. The hand has a new tendon-driven mechanism which minimizes frictional loss and maximizes efficiency and backdrivability. In order to accomplish high efficiency and backdrivability as well as human-like payload and dexterity in a compact size, two novel mechanical concepts are(More)
In future daily life, one of the most important functionality as a household service robot may be the delivery task. Furthermore, grasping an object is the essential motion for the delivery task. To complete the ordered delivery task successfully, robot should be able to detect whether its hand is grabbing the target object or not. If the object is released(More)
This paper gives an overview of the development of a novel biped walking machine for a humanoid robot, Roboray. This lower-limb robot is designed as an experimental system for studying biped locomotion based on force and torque controlled joints. The robot has 13 actuated DOF and torque sensors are integrated at all the joints except the waist joint. We(More)
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has been developing humanoid robots for years. Roboray, the latest developed humanoid robot in Fig. 1, has many different characteristics from the previous robots, e.g. Mahru series [1]. The main difference is that Roboray can be torque-controlled with torque sensors at all joints in the lower limbs. There exist some released(More)
In this paper, novel upper body humanoid manipulators are presented. Each manipulator has 8 joints with coupled wrist joints, actually it has 7DOF. Torque-based interaction is our main manipulation strategy. We chose back-drivable mechanism and current control of motor as significant design factors. Shoulder and elbow joints were composed of gear mechanism,(More)
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