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As most applications in wired networks become available on mobile devices and mobile networks are well integrated with Internet, Botnet becomes the most significant threat to mobile devices. We propose a mobile Botnet detection scheme that detects "pull" style C&C channel. Our network-based scheme detects Botnet by inspecting abnormal flow features of(More)
The basis of P2P traffic control is to classify P2P traffic accurately. Several methods such as port-based, signature-based, pattern-based and statistics-based method have been proposed for P2P traffic classification. However, as P2P applications have tried to avoid being easily detected, it becomes hard to classify P2P traffic accurately using only one(More)
In this paper, we propose an improved detection scheme to protect a Web server from detoured attacks, which disclose confiden-tial/private information or disseminate malware codes through outbound traffic. Our scheme has a two-step hierarchy, whose detection methods are complementary to each other. The first step is a signature-based detector that uses(More)
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