Kyungran Kang

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In a wireless ad hoc network, the limited energy of the nodes is one of major challenges. Many research works are proposed to solve this issue from various aspects. Our work focuses on how to utilize the limited energy of the nodes in data delivery. By combining the concept of multi-path routing and energy reservation, the proposed scheme, PAMP ensures to(More)
Existing forwarding strategies for delay tolerant networks aim at network throughput maximization. They provide forwarding opportunities to more reachable destinations. This results in the long endto-end delay and low throughput of less reachable destinations. In this paper, we propose two forwarding strategies to improve the throughput of less reachable(More)
This paper proposes a novel mobile community service platform that enables a mobile phone to promote collaborations that are more advanced. Our research contributes in two folds. First, as a service design framework, a model of a mobile community is defined in which each member has a role and corresponding task to achieve a common goal. Second, the proposed(More)