Kyungmee Lee

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The main focus of our work is to discover an object-oriented schema information from a set of semistructured data. We develop schema extraction algorithms and a data model for semistructured data. Our data model is an improved version of the data forest model. We modify the ordered labeled trees of the data forest model to allow selectively unlabeled(More)
BACKGROUND The leukocyte common antigen (CD45) is a transmembrane-type protein tyrosine phosphatase that has five isoforms. METHODS We generated seven murine mAbs against human CD45 by injecting cells from different origins, such as human thymocytes, PBMCs, and leukemic cell lines. By using various immunological methods including flow cytometry,(More)
As a number of users and the amount of data are increasing, the management of Web data requires a more efficient and systemized way than simple book-marking. We may obtain the benefits of database management systems, like structured query language and application programming interfaces, by storing Web data in a conventional database. We propose a way of(More)
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