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NQO1 gene expression was evaluated by RT-PCR and SNP status by RFLP in matched samples of lung tumors and adjacent normal tissue. NQO1 was found to be overexpressed in lung tumors when compared to matched normal lung tissue. The mean expression in normal lung tissue was 28.26 x 10(-14) ng/microl +/- 44.9 SD and 61.46 x 10(-14) ng/microl +/- 103.2 SD in lung(More)
BACKGROUND Prior exposure to stress is a risk factor for developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in response to trauma, yet the mechanisms by which this occurs are unclear. Using a rodent model of stress-based susceptibility to PTSD, we investigated the role of serotonin in this phenomenon. METHODS Adult mice were exposed to repeated(More)
Aquaculture systems need to provide artificial monitoring and control functions to maintain essential environmental factors within the high productivity ranges. This paper suggests that autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) equipped with various sensors, communication devices, and navigational intelligence can perform effective and broad-range monitoring(More)
This paper proposes an edge-directed interpolation algorithm to enhance the quality of natural images which are captured by low-resolution camera installed on car or CCTV. Based on the accurate estimation of edge directional covariance between low-resolution and high-resolution image, local covariance coefficients extracted from the low-resolution image has(More)
The Color Management System in recent printers adopts ICC profiles for both monitors and printers. However, the ICC profile doesn’t contain the characteristics of reproduced color on each monitor, because the color on each monitor is changed by user adjustment such as color temperature, brightness, and contrast adjustment. It is also depended on the(More)
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