Kyungjoon Baek

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The interface-type resistive switching devices exhibiting bipolar and multi-level resistive switching have been considered as the key component for neuromorphic device applications. To directly observe the microscopic details of underlying electrochemical redox reactions occuring at a metal/oxide interface, we implemented in situ resistive switching of(More)
Creation of nanometer-scale conductive filaments in resistive switching devices makes them appealing for advanced electrical applications. While in situ electrical probing transmission electron microscopy promotes fundamental investigations of how the conductive filament comes into existence, it does not provide proof-of-principle observations for the(More)
During thermal transformation of multicomponent nanocrystals in a silica nanosphere, FeAuPd alloy nanocrystals migrate outward and thereby leave a cavity in the silica matrix. Oxidation then converts these nanocrystals back into phase-segregated hybrid nanocrystals, AuPd@Fe3O4, with various morphologies. The FeAuPd-to-AuPd@Fe3O4 transformation was cast by(More)
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