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Resource-Efficient SRAM-Based Ternary Content Addressable Memory
Static random access memory (SRAM)-based ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) offers TCAM functionality by emulating it with SRAM. However, this emulation suffers from reduced memory efficiencyExpand
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How to Respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or the Second Information Technology Revolution? Dynamic New Combinations between Technology, Market, and Society through Open Innovation
Since Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum declared the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there has been much discussion about it. However, there is no commonly agreed-upon definitionExpand
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Dynamics from open innovation to evolutionary change
We created conceptual models that people may use to analyze and forecast the dynamic effects of open innovation, which we applied to the smartphone sector using a model-based analysis approach. InExpand
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The relationship between technology, business model, and market in autonomous car and intelligent robot industries
This study develops a new innovation diagram based on three elements — technology–business model (BM)–market — for characterizing the knowledge-based economy and open innovation. It identifies theExpand
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Satisfying different customer groups for IS outsourcing: a Korean IS company’s experience
It is important for an IT service company (IS company) to fully take into account the differences in customer satisfaction across different customer groups. In this article, we consider three layersExpand
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The role of a business model in market growth: The difference between the converted industry and the emerging industry
Abstract This paper investigates the role of business models: What differences exist between the roles of an already-existing market-based converted industry and a newly appearing market-basedExpand
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Open Innovation to Business Model
The main objective of this article is to answer the question: How does one make a ‘new’ business model framework in a knowledge-based economy? In an effort to advance this issue, we built a researchExpand
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How User Entrepreneurs Succeed: The Role of Entrepreneur’s Caliber and Networking Ability in Korean User Entrepreneurship
User innovation is a new economic paradigm that has the ability to create a new engine for social and economic development. Furthermore, many users are not limited to their role as a user but evolveExpand
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Experiments and root cause analysis for active-precharge hammering fault in DDR3 SDRAM under 3 × nm technology
Abstract This paper investigates the failure mechanism manifested in DDR3 SDRAMs under 3 × nm technology. DRAM cells should retain the stored value if they are refreshed within the cell retentionExpand
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Statistical distributions of row-hammering induced failures in DDR3 components
Abstract As process technology shrinks down, the distances among storage cells in DRAMs gets smaller. Smaller distances among cells cause the cell-to-cell interference to increase. Due to theExpand
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