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The effectiveness of systemic rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatments is limited by difficulties in achieving therapeutic doses within articular joints. We evaluated the ability of intra-articular administration of injectable formulations to synergistically enhance repair of RA joints. Methotrexate-loaded hyaluronic acid (Met-HA), dexamethasone-loaded(More)
BACKGROUND Hip fracture is a serious health problem among older adults and often results in serious consequences such as disabilities. Informal caregivers (CGs) are particularly important for the successful recovery of older adult patients with hip fractures while they undergo surgical procedures and extensive rehabilitation therapies. In a previous study,(More)
In this study, we examined whether porcine articular cartilage (PAC) is a suitable and effective anti-adhesive material. PAC, which contained no non-collagenous tissue components, was collected by mechanical manipulation and decellularization of porcine knee cartilage. The PAC film for use as an anti-adhesive barrier was easily shaped into various sizes(More)
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