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Many co-regulator proteins are recruited by DNA-bound transcription factors to remodel chromatin and activate transcription. However, mechanisms for coordinating actions of multiple co-regulator proteins are poorly understood. We demonstrate that multiple protein-protein interactions by the protein acetyltransferase TIP60 are required for estrogen-induced(More)
Histone variant H3.3 and heterochromatin protein 1γ (HP1γ) are two functional components of chromatin with role in gene transcription. However, the regulations of their dynamics during transcriptional activation and the molecular mechanisms underlying their actions remain poorly understood. Here, we provide evidence that heat shock-induced transcription of(More)
The incorporation of histone variants into nucleosomes is one of the main strategies that the cell uses to regulate the structure and function of chromatin. Histone H2A.Z is an evolutionarily conserved histone H2A variant that is preferentially localized within nucleosomes at the transcriptional start site (TSS). H2A.Z reorganizes the local chromatin(More)
Linker histone H1.2 has been shown to suppress p53-dependent transcription through the modulation of chromatin remodeling; however, little is known about the mechanisms governing the antagonistic effects of H1.2 in DNA damage response. Here, we show that the repressive action of H1.2 on p53 function is negatively regulated via acetylation of p53 C-terminal(More)
SET and MYND domain containing protein 3 (SMYD3) is a histone methyltransferase, which has been implicated in cell growth and cancer pathogenesis. Increasing evidence suggests that SMYD3 can influence distinct oncogenic processes by acting as a gene-specific transcriptional regulator. However, the mechanistic aspects of SMYD3 transactivation and whether(More)
The N-terminal tail of histone H2B is believed to be involved in gene silencing, but how it exerts its function remains elusive. Here, we report the biochemical characterization of p14ARF tumor suppressor as a transcriptional repressor that selectively recognizes the unacetylated H2B tails on nucleosomes. The p14ARF-H2B tail interaction is functional, as(More)
Imidazolium hydroxide anion exchange membranes functionalized with conjugated tetraphenylethylene moieties were synthesized via Ni(0) catalyzed polymerization by sequential chloromethylation, substitution with imidazoliums and ion exchange. Moreover, with their pendant benzoyl groups the copolymers showed high molecular weight, durability, thermo-oxidative(More)
Effective change order management is very important in maintaining the financial sustainability of various stakeholders related to construction projects by minimizing cost overruns. In this study, we propose a zero-cost risk management approach based on the collar option model in order to control for the loss caused by change orders, the main cause of cost(More)
In this paper, we design a stable controller, using LQR method in order to achieve unicycle Robot's balance by using unscented Kalman filter. After linearizing the derived Dynamics, LQR controller is designed. By performing simulations in MATLAB (MATLAB, MathWorks, USA) to apply to the physical model, the precise attitude control of the unicycle segway was(More)