Kyung-shik Shin

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This study investigates the efficacy of applying support vector machines (SVM) to bankruptcy prediction problem. Although it is a wellknown fact that the back-propagation neural network (BPN) performs well in pattern recognition tasks, the method has some limitations in that it is an art to find an appropriate model structure and optimal solution.(More)
Prediction of corporate failure using past financial data is a well-documented topic. Early studies of bankruptcy prediction used statistical techniques such as multiple discriminant analysis, logit and probit. Recently, however, numerous studies have demonstrated that artificial intelligence such as neural networks (NNs) can be an alternative methodology(More)
Ž . Case-based reasoning CBR is a problem solving technique by re-using past cases and experiences to find a solution to problems. The central tasks involved in CBR methods are to identify the current problem situation, find a past case similar to the new one, use that case to suggest a solution to the current problem, evaluate the proposed solution, and(More)
We examine how the virtuality of work context influences individuals’ social networks within and across work groups. given this purpose, we develop a multilevel research framework that explores the effects of different levels of virtuality on one’s intra-group tie strength and extra-group network range based on the computer-mediated communication theory,(More)
This study intends to mine reasonable trading rules using genetic algorithms for Korea Stock Price Index 200 (KOSPI 200) futures. We have found trading rule which would have yielded the highest return over a certain time period using historical data. Simulated results of buying and selling of trading rules were outstanding. These preliminary results suggest(More)