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  • Je-Hun Lee, Yi-Suk Kim, U-Young Lee, Dae-Kyoon Park, Young-Gil Jeong, Nam Seob Lee +3 others
  • 2014
The purpose of this research is to establish metric standards for the determination of sex from the upper limb bones of Korean. We took a set of eleven measurements on each of 175 right sides of adult skeletons chosen at Korean sample. Classification accuracy dropped only one or two individuals when only vertical head diameter of humerus is used. Variables(More)
Members of the Mongol imperial family (designated the Golden family) are buried in a secret necropolis; therefore, none of their burial grounds have been found. In 2004, we first discovered 5 graves belonging to the Golden family in Tavan Tolgoi, Eastern Mongolia. To define the genealogy of the 5 bodies and the kinship among them, SNP and/or STR profiles of(More)
The abdominal head of the pectoralis major (AHPM) is important in cosmetic and flap surgeries. Few studies have reported on its neurovascular entry points and distribution patterns. We aimed to determine the entry points and distribution patterns of the neurovascular structures within the AHPM. Thirty-two hemithoraxes were dissected, and the distribution(More)
  • Je-Hun Lee, Kyung-Jin Kim, Young-Gil Jeong, Nam Seob Lee, Seung Yun Han, Chang Gug Lee +2 others
  • 2014
This study investigated the boundary of anserine bursa with the recommended injection site and shape on the insertion area of pes anserinus (PA), with the aim of improving clinical practice. Eighty six legs from 45 Korean cadavers were investigated. The mixed gelatin solution was injected to identify the shape of anserine bursa, and then the insertion site(More)
Sodium butyrate (NaBu) is known to increase the specific productivity of recombinant Chinese hamster ovary (rCHO) cells. To understand the effects of NaBu on the product quality, rCHO cells producing monoclonal antibody (Mab) were cultivated at various concentrations of NaBu (0 to 4 mM). NaBu increased correctly assembled Mab. In the absence of NaBu, the(More)
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