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The purpose of this study was to perform proteome analysis of Acinetobacter sp. KS-1, a bacterium capable of degrading benzoate as a sole carbon source. In order to understand the benzoate degradation pathway used by strain KS-1, proteomes of benzoate-cultured and succinate-cultured KS-1 were comparatively analyzed by two dimensional gel electrophoresis(More)
Stomach cancer is the third deadliest among all cancers worldwide. Although incidence of the intestinal-type gastric cancer has decreased, the incidence of diffuse-type is still increasing and its progression is notoriously aggressive. There is insufficient information on genome variations of diffuse-type gastric cancer because its cells are usually mixed(More)
We compared peptide identification by database (DB) search methods with de novo sequencing results for proteomics study in an organism without genome sequence information. When the former was done by searching the Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) DB of the sample organism or the NCBI nonredundant (nr) protein DB of green plants using either the MASCOT or(More)
BACKGROUND Pentoxifylline is a methylxanthine derivative with significant anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, and anti-proliferative properties. Studies have shown that pentoxifylline may have renoprotective effects in patients with diabetic nephropathy. However, most of these studies were limited by small sample sizes. Therefore, we investigated whether(More)
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