Kyung-Won Moon

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Over the past few decades, various haptic gloves have been developed for use in virtual environments. The actuating systems for most existing haptic gloves require lots of external auxiliary equipment. Because of this, the motion of the user is restricted by the length of the electric wires or pneumatic tubes attached to this equipment. A compact actuation(More)
An innovative single-port surgical robot has recently been developed by the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). The robot can reach various surgical sites inside the abdominal cavity from a single incision on the body. It has two 7-DOF surgical tools, a 3-DOF endoscope, a flexible hyper-redundant 6-DOF guide tube, and a 6-DOF manipulator. This(More)
In this paper, novel upper body humanoid manipulators are presented. Each manipulator has 8 joints with coupled wrist joints, actually it has 7DOF. Torque-based interaction is our main manipulation strategy. We chose back-drivable mechanism and current control of motor as significant design factors. Shoulder and elbow joints were composed of gear mechanism,(More)
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