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— In this paper, a new framework of observer error linearization problem is proposed. The main idea of our approach is twofold. The one is to introduce an auxiliary dynamics whose input is the system output, and the other is to transform the augmented system into an observable linear system with an injection term which contains the system output as well as(More)
The Computational Mass Transfer (CMT) model is composed of the basic differential mass transfer equation, closed by auxiliary equations and the appropriate accompanying CFD formulation. In the present modified CMT model, the closing auxiliary equations in the c 2 À 1 c model given by Liu (2003) are further simplified for reducing the computational(More)
Process capability indices (PCIs) can be viewed as effective and excellent means of measuring product quality and performance, but they are not sufficient for evaluating an entire product with multiple characteristics. proposed the process capability analysis chart (PCAC), applied indices C pu , C pl and C pa to evaluate the integrated process capability(More)
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