Kyung-Rok Kim

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This paper presents a novel compact and controllable pneumatic generator that uses hydrogen peroxide decomposition. A fuel micro-injector using a piston-pump mechanism is devised and tested to control the chemical decomposition rate. By controlling the injection rate, the feedback controller maintains the pressure of the gas reservoir at a desired pressure(More)
In this paper, the small mobile robot for use in block type IoT(Internet of things) education robot aimed for children and infants is designed. As the robot moves on real world structure built by blocks, the virtual robot on the augmented reality displayed on the screen moves at the same time. Since the real world and virtual world should match precisely,(More)
In this paper, a pneumatic power generator based on the chemical reaction is newly proposed by using a small piston pump for the injection of the fuel. Based on the understanding of chemical reaction property, the piston pump is designed by crank-slider mechanism. The piston pump allows compact size and light weight of the entire power generation system(More)
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