Kyung Rhan Chung

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Filamentous Cercospora fungi are resistant to photosensitizing compounds that generate singlet oxygen. C. nicotianae photosensitizer-sensitive mutants were restored to full resistance by transformation with SOR1 (Singlet Oxygen Resistance 1), a gene recovered from a wild-type genomic library. SOR1 null mutants generated via targeted gene replacement(More)
We analyzed the inheritance of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) species in matings of the grass symbiont Epichloë typhina. Eighty progeny were analyzed from a cross in which the maternal (stromal) parent possessed three linear plasmids, designated Callan-a (7.5 kb), Aubonne-a (2.1 kb) and Bergell (2.0 kb), and the paternal parent had one plasmid, Aubonne-b (2.1(More)
Among the antimicrobial phytoalexins produced by Phaseolus vulgaris (French bean) is the prenylated isoflavonoid, kievitone. The bean pathogen, Fusarium solani f. sp. phaseoli, secretes a glycoenzyme, kievitone hydratase (EC, which catalyzes conversion of kievitone to a less toxic metabolite. Among F. solani strains, those that are highly virulent(More)
ABSTRACT Epichloë typhina perennially and systemically infects grass plants, causing choke disease in which maturation of host inflorescences is suppressed. In seedling-inoculation tests, isolate E8 from perennial ryegrass established and maintained infection in this host but not in orchardgrass. In contrast, isolates E469, E2466, and E2467 from(More)
Hye Jeong Yang1, Sunmin Park2, Valeriy Pak3, Kyung Rhan Chung4 and Dae Young Kwon1 1Biogeron Food Research Division, Korea Food Research Institute, Songnam, 2Department of Food and Nutrition, Obesity/Diabetes Research Institutes, Hoseo University, Asan, 3Department of Organic Synthesis Institute of the Chemistry of Plant Substances, Tashkent, 4The Academy(More)
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