Kyung Ran Ma

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BACKGROUND Elevated concentrations of cardiac biomarkers, such as troponins and natriuretic peptides, have been shown to be predictive of poorer long-term cardiovascular outcomes in stable patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). However, little is known about the relationship between elevated concentrations of these cardiac markers and underlying(More)
Using alpha-32P-dCTP labelled human papillomavirus type 16 DNA genome probe (cHPV 16 DNA, cloned and identified from a Chinese cervical invasive carcinoma), 3 HPV 16 genomic relative sequences were detected in 6 biopsies of laryngeal carcinoma. The results showed serious HPV infection in laryngeal carcinoma. This indicates that HPV infection may play an(More)
Cellular immunity was assayed in 58 esophageal cancer patients with family history of esophageal cancer, 23 patients' first degree relative, 20 esophageal patients with family history of other malignant tumours. 114 esophageal cancer patients without cancer family history and 30 normal subjects were taken as control. The results showed that skin delayed(More)
Burn of knee joint often happens on the extended side surface and hurts the articular capsule and cavity. Five patients with severe burn of knee joint were successfully treated with fasciocutaneous flap of the lower leg. After the operation, all the flaps survived. Three patients' articular cavity got initial sealing-up. Except two patients' joints merging,(More)
Dear Sir, There are two rare null phenotypes, Pk and p, in which P and P/Pk/P1 antigens are lacking, respectively. It has been reported that the α1,4-galactosyltransferase gene (A4GALT) encodes an enzyme for the synthesis of both Pk and P1 antigens (Furukawa et al., 2000; Steffensen et al., 2000; Thuresson et al., 2011), while the(More)
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