Kyung-Min Choi

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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from bone marrow are an important tool in tissue engineering and cell-based therapies because of their multipotent capacity. Majority of studies on MSCs have investigated the roles of growth factors, cytokines, and hormones. Antioxidants such as ascorbic acid can be used to expand MSCs while preserving their(More)
BACKGROUND Standardized Korean red ginseng extract has become the best-selling influenza-like illness (ILI) remedy in Korea, yet much controversy regarding the efficacy of the Korean red ginseng (KRG) in reducing ILI incidence remains. The aim of the study is to assess the efficacy of the KRG extract on the ILI incidence in healthy adults. METHODS/DESIGN(More)
Korean Red Ginseng (KRG) is a functional food and has been well known for keeping good health due to its anti-fatigue and immunomodulating activities. However, there is no data on Korean red ginseng for its preventive activity against acute respiratory illness (ARI). The study was conducted in a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial in(More)
Activated hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) play a key role in liver fibrosis, and inactivating HSCs has been considered a promising therapeutic approach. We previously showed that albumin and its derivative designed for stellate cell-targeting, retinol-binding protein-albumin domain III fusion protein (referred to as R-III), inactivate cultured HSCs. Here, we(More)
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