Kyung Keun Cho

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This paper presents a polishing expert system integrated with sensor information which can modify the polishing sequence and conditions initially set by the system using the on-site polishing status. A practical system using AE sensors is developed for the rotational polishing and the curved surface polishing. A database and knowledge base for polishing(More)
A 12-year-old girl presented with a 1-month history of posterior neck pain and a large cyst in the second cervical vertebra. She underwent complete curettage of the cyst wall without any kind of bone graft, and the surgical result was good. Microscopic findings in the cyst wall were consistent with simple bone cyst, which is very rare in the spine.
We investigated the antineoplastic potentials of recombinant adenovirus containing wild-type p53 cDNA (Ad5CMV-p53) for malignant gliomas. In four human glioma cell lines (U-251 and LG expressing endogenous mutant p53, and U-87 and EFC-2 expressing wild-type p53) and two rat glioma cell lines (9L and C6, each expressing mutant and wild-type p53), gene(More)
To investigate the hypothesis that protein kinase Calpha (PKCalpha) is functional glial tumor cell invasion, stable PKCalpha sense and antisense transfected U-87 cell lines were established and PKCalpha expression characterized by Western blot and PKC activity assays. Invasion assays including barrier migration (Koochekpour et al., Extracellular matrix(More)
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