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Coordinatively polymerized bilayer membranes prepared by metal complexation of an amphiphilic o,o'-dihydroxyazobenzene derivative
As a novel method for stabilization of bilayer membranes, coordinative polymerization of bilayer membranes of an amphiphile containing two ligating sites has been developed. Complexation of Fe(II),Expand
The rust fungus Gymnosporangium in Korea including two new species, G. monticola and G. unicorne
Phylogenetic analyses show that species of Gymnosporangium form a monophyletic group with strong bootstrap support within the rust fungi, and phenotypic characters mapped onto the phylogenetic tree show that teliospore length followed by telia shape and telia length are conserved. Expand
Interaction of ozone with simultaneous water deficit and water deficit preconditioning in one-year-oldPinus densiflora seedlings
The primary objective of this study was to investigate if responses of pottedPinus densiflora Sieb. et Zucc. seedlings to ozone exposure could be altered by water deficit stress applied before orExpand
Effects of 2004‐tsunami on the changes from 2005 to 2006 in salinity of soil profiles and groundwater wells and on mortality of garden fruit trees in Maldives
The extent of damages to garden fruit trees in Maldives and their relative tolerance to salts after a tsunami on December 26, 2004 was assessed, initial salinization and residual salts in the soil and groundwater wells after the first monsoon were assessed, and practical field treatments to restore the health of salt‐affected fruit trees were formulated. Expand
First Description of Coleosporium plectranthi Causing Perilla Rust in Korea
This is the first description of C. plectranthi causing perilla rust with the first findings of its telial stage on perilla and the first rust disease on the aecial host in Pinus densiflora. Expand
Interaction between potassium and ozone in biomass production and resistance to ozone of potted‐cuttings of populus trichocarpa and p. trichocarpa x deltoides
This study examined the effects of potassium on the growth of poplars under the influence of ozone as well as their resistance to ozone. Two clones of poplar, Populus trichocarpa (Pt) and P.Expand
Possibility of establishment of a tree nursery at Saemangeum Reclaimed Land and Classification of 36 Landscape Trees Based on Salt Tolerance
Seven tree species that had been adapted to the reclaimed land for three to four years before being transplanted to new reclaimed land in Gunsan Okgu area showed average survival rate of 98%, suggesting that pre-conditioned trees would survive well in the reclaimed land. Expand