Kyung Joon Lee

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This paper presents a flying display system using an autonomous blimp (small indoor airship) with a visual tracking system and an image projection system. The real-time visual tracking system tracks the blimp while it flies along a given spatial path to follow a wall. The image projection system projects still images or a video stream, whose rectangular(More)
A survey was conducted of the rust fungus Gymnosporangium in Korea. We recollected previously known species, namely Gymnosporangium asiaticum, G. clavariiforme, G. globosum, G. japonicum and G. yamadae. Gymnosporangium nidus-avis and G. sabinae are reported for the first time from Korea, and two new species, G. monticola sp. nov. and G. unicorne sp. nov.,(More)
The primary objective of this study was to investigate if responses of pottedPinus densiflora Sieb. et Zucc. seedlings to ozone exposure could be altered by water deficit stress applied before or during ozone exposure. One-year-old seedlings grown from seeds in pots were used. Water deficit preconditioning was done for ten weeks from May 1, 1998, followed(More)
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