Kyung-Jong Noh

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Hydrogen titanate nanotube (H-TiNT) particles were coated porously on a fluorine-doped tin oxide glass using the layer-by-layer self assembling method and then heat-treated at temperatures below 600 degrees C for 10 min in air. The microstructure, crystallinity, and optical absorbance of the heat-treated H-TiNT thin film were investigated using scanning(More)
A layer of titanate nanotubular (H-TiNT) particles between Fe2O3 film and FTO substrate was inserted and heat-treated to improve electrochemical property of Fe2O3 for water splitting. Heat-treatment of the synthesized F2O3/H-TiNT/FTO thin film was found to significantly affect photoelectrochemical properties of the film through electrochemical impedance(More)
The effect of TiO2 layer applied to the conventional Fe2O3/FTO photoanode to improve the photoelectrochemical performance was assessed from the viewpoint of the microstructure and energy band structure. Regardless of the location of the TiO2 layer in the photoanodes, that is, Fe2O3/TiO2/FTO or TiO2/Fe2O3/FTO, high performance was obtained when α-Fe2O3 and(More)
To prepare one-dimensional nanostructured Na2Ti6O13 powder, the starting materials of TiO2, NaCl and Na2CO3 were mixed and then heat-treated at 1000 degrees C for 2 hrs in air under molten state of NaCl. Changes in shape and phase, photo absorbance and photocatalytic ability of TiO2 particle were observed controlling added amount of Na2CO3 under constant(More)
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