Kyung Jin Byun

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Each year approximately 52 million Americans are injured, of which 11 million require hospitalization and 110,000 die. This has an associated health care cost of 3 billion dollars. Hepatobiliary injuries have always constituted a significant area of involvement. They have become more easily detectable since the advent of technetium-99m analogs of(More)
The diagnostic value of renal scintiscans in patients with acute or chronic renal failure has not been emphasized other than for the estimation of renal size. 131I OIH, 67gallium, 99mTcDTPA, glucoheptonate and DMSA all may be valuable in a variety of specific settings. Acute renal failure due to acute tubular necrosis, hepatorenal syndrome, acute(More)
The waveform interpolation is one of the speech coding algorithms with high quality at low bit rates. In the WI coding, the vector quantization of SEW requires a variable dimension quantization technique since the dimension of the SEW amplitude spectrum varies depending on the pitch period. However, since the variable dimension vector makes a difficulty to(More)
Since current Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesizers are mostly based on a technique known as synthesis by concatenation, the implementation of a high quality TTS requires huge storage space for a large number of speech segments. In order to compress the database in the TTS system, the use of speech coders would be an efficient solution. Waveform Interpolation(More)
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