Kyung Ja Han

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Although the oxytocin receptor modulates intracellular Ca2+ ion levels in myometrium, the identities of signal molecules have not been clearly clarified. Our previous studies on oxytocin receptor signalling demonstrated that 80 kDa Ghalpha is a signal mediator [Baek, Kwon, Lee, Kim, Muralidhar and Im (1996) Biochem. J. 315, 739-744]. To elucidate the(More)
A missense somatic mutation in JAK2 gene (JAK2 V617F) has recently been reported in chronic myeloproliferative disorders, including polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia and myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia, strongly suggesting its role in the pathogenesis of myeloid disorders. As activation of JAK2 signaling is occurred in other malignancies as(More)
The intent of this longitudinal descriptive correlational study is to investigate the change of the mother-infant interactions over the periods of one month, three months and six months of the infant's age. This study is also intended to explore the interrelationships among three major factors--the perception of pregnancy, the mother-infant interaction and(More)
The study was conducted to examine Mother-Infant interaction and Maternal identity in two groups, that is, premature infant and its mother and full-term infant and its mother. For this purpose, the data were collected from 24 sample groups (12 for premature dyads and the remaining 12 for full-term dyads) by using observation method and questionnaires during(More)