Kyung-Hyune Rhee

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In order to check the integrity of a digital photograph, a blind forgery detection scheme for forensics is presented in this paper. The proposed scheme is exposing image fakes by using two different terms of compatibility metrics, such as inconsistencies of edge blur width and lighting direction, respectively. The inconsistency metric of an edge blur is(More)
Diabetes is a lifestyle-driven disease which has become a critical health issue worldwide. In this paper, we conduct an exploratory study about early detection method of diabetes mellitus using various ensemble learning techniques. Eight tree-based machine learning algorithms, i.e. classification and regression tree, decision tree (C4.5), reduced error(More)
This paper describes the data preparation step of a proposed method for automated diagnosis of various diseases based on heart rate variability (HRV) analysis and machine learning. HRV analysis — consisting of time-domain analysis, frequency-domain analysis, and nonlinear analysis — is employed because its resulting parameters are unique for(More)
In this paper, a reversible data hiding scheme for color palette image is proposed. The technique of data embedding is used to hide the secret data into multimedia such as text contents, audio, video, and images. The reversibility of data hiding is an important requirement in some applications such as distance medical treatment and military industrial(More)
Instant messaging activity plays a major role in our life. With increasing usage of mobile phones and instant messaging users, vulnerabilities against these devices raised exponentially. In this paper, we propose a security analysis testing for secure instant messaging apps in Android which is designed using a threat analysis, considering possible attack(More)
Fuzzy vault is one of the biometric cryptosystems that allows the cryptographic keys to be securely maintained depending on the biometric information. In last years, a development of this method is approached significantly to enhance the security level, reduce the flaws and accelerate the computational process. One of the important function in the fuzzy(More)
Trajectory-based message delivery is a message forwarding scheme that utilizes the message destination vehicle's trajectory to deliver messages to moving vehicles from infrastructure nodes such as roadside units in vehicular ad hoc networks. To support trajectory-based message delivery to moving vehicles, the driving locations of a vehicle need to be shared(More)
Blockchain technology has been known as a digital currency platform since the emergence of Bitcoin, the first and the largest of the cryptocurrencies. Hitherto, it is used for the decentralization of markets more generally, not exclusively for the decentralization of money and payments. The decentralized transaction ledger of blockchain could be employed to(More)
Recently, an efficient file searching method related to the crime for the digital evidence is spotlighted in computer forensics. However, traditional cryptographic hashes cannot provide proper similarity between two similar files because even a single bit difference between two files brings a drastic change of the hash results. This paper introduces the(More)
This paper proposes an improved detection performance of anomaly-based intrusion detection system (IDS) using gradient boosted machine (GBM). The best parameters of GBM are obtained by performing grid search. The performance of GBM is then compared with the four renowned classifiers, i.e. random forest, deep neural network, support vector machine, and(More)