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Contentious Kwangju : the May 18 uprising in Korea's past and present
Introduction 1 Contentious Kwangju Part I 2 Origins and Development Chapter 1 3 The Formation of an Absolute Community Chapter 2 4 Simin'gun: Citizens' Army during Kwangju Uprising Chapter 3 5 AnExpand
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Country or State? Reconceptualizing Kukka in the Korean Enlightenment Period, 1896-1910
The Korean enlightenment period, 1896--1910, was characterized by intellectual experimentation and adaptation, as the leading intellectuals attempted to reconcile the new ideas and models originatingExpand
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Citizenship, Social Equality and Government Reform: Changes in the Household Registration System in Korea, 1894-1910
  • Kyung Hwang
  • Political Science
  • Modern Asian Studies
  • 21 April 2004
For over a millennium before the 20th century, the Korean state had maintained a system of household registration, or hojok. In the Choson dynasty (1392-1910), these registers, through theirExpand
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Living Dangerously in Korea: The Western Experience, 1900-1950 (review)
A second notable element of this book is its consideration of the transnational cultural currents of East Asian civilization, as opposed to local cultural phenomena. The Korean embassies, as a symbolExpand
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Beyond Birth: Social Status in the Emergence of Modern Korea
The social structure of contemporary Korea contains strong echoes of the hierarchical principles and patterns governing stratification in the Choson dynasty (1392-1910): namely, birth and one'sExpand
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Nation, State and the Modern Transformation of Korean Social Structure in the Early Twentieth Century
When assessing social change in modern Korea, the tremendous material transformation of the second half of the twentieth century has tended to obscure the advances of the late nineteenth and earlyExpand
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A history of Korea : an episodic narrative
List of Chronologies and Maps Brief Chronology Map - to follow Acknowledgements Introduction Note on Romanization Koguryo and Ancient Korea Queen Sondok and Silla's Unification of Korea The UnifiedExpand
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Founding of the Koryŏ Dynasty
The Centrality of the Periphery
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