Kyung-Hwan Kim

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If borrowing capacity of indebted households is tied to the value of their home, house prices should enter a correctly specified aggregate Euler equation for consumption. I develop a simple two-agent, dynamic general equilibrium model in which home (collateral) values affect debt capacity and consumption possibilities for a fraction of the households. I(More)
Host-mediated (hm) expression of parasite genes as tandem inverted repeats was investigated as a means to abrogate the formation of mature Heterodera glycines (soybean cyst nematode) female cysts during its infection of Glycine max (soybean). A Gateway®-compatible hm plant transformation system was developed specifically for these experiments in G. max.(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac involvement in Behçet's disease is a rare but severe complication and presents challenges to cardiac surgeons as a result of late valve detachment or pseudoaneurysms of the aortic root after valve surgery. Few reports have been published on this topic. In this article, clinical data and surgical outcomes in patients with aortic(More)
OBJECTIVES Bicuspid aortic valves are associated with aortic catastrophes, particularly dissection. We examined whether proactive repair of associated dilatation would reduce risk of subsequent aortic dissection or reoperation and whether more aggressive resection is needed in patients undergoing bicuspid aortic valve surgery alone. METHODS From January(More)
BACKGROUND The elephant trunk procedure is used for extensive aortic aneurysms. We evaluated its safety, newer indications, and influence of second-stage completion on survival. METHODS Records were reviewed for 94 consecutive patients (age 67 +/- 11 years, 47% men) who underwent the procedure between November 1990 and February 2003. The trunk was(More)
Tocopherols, with antioxidant properties, are synthesized by photosynthetic organisms and play important roles in human and animal nutrition. In soybean, gamma-tocopherol, the biosynthetic precursor to alpha-tocopherol, is the predominant form found in the seed, whereas alpha-tocopherol is the most bioactive component. This suggests that the final step of(More)
Yongping Liang drafted the second appendix. These colleagues bear no responsibility for remaining shortcomings. Opinions in this paper are those of the authors, and do not reflect the views of any institution. Executive Summary This paper is one of the first attempts to examine urban form systematically around the world. While we have drawn a wide sample,(More)
The gene encoding PAD4 (PHYTOALEXIN-DEFICIENT4) is required in Arabidopsis for expression of several genes involved in the defense response to Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola. AtPAD4 (Arabidopsis thaliana PAD4) encodes a lipase-like protein that plays a regulatory role mediating salicylic acid signaling. We expressed the gene encoding AtPAD4 in soybean(More)
To identify multi-detector computed tomographic (MDCT) features discriminating bicuspid aortic valves (BAVs) from tricuspid aortic valves (TAVs) in patients with aortic valvular disease using surgical findings as reference. Forty-five patients underwent ECG-gated cardiac MDCT scans prior to aortic valve replacement. Morphologic patterns of aortic valves on(More)