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Molecular biological study on speciation and phylogeny of the order Entomobryomorpha (Collembola: Hexapoda)
The phylogenetic reconstructions were based on three different approaches: methods of maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood and neighbor joining, and the inferred phylogenies supported monophyly of the order Entomobryomorpha.
Cave species of the genus Anurida (Collembola: Neanuridae) from Korea, with the description of new species.
Three troglobiontic species of Anurida Laboulbène, i.e. A. troglodyta sp. nov., A. decipiens Yosii, 1966, and A. plurichaetotica Yosii, 1966, were found in limestone caves of Korea during recent
Report of Akabosia matsudoensis Kinoshita (Collembola; Paronellidae) from Korea, with notes on the Korean aquatic springtail fauna
A hygrophilous collembolan species, Akabosia matsudoensis is redescribed and illustrated with a list and key to other aquatic fauna belonging to Entomobryoidea from Korea. Specimens inhabiting the
Three new species of Pogonognathellus (Collembola: Tomoceridae) from North America
Three species of Pogonognathellus Paclt are described from eastern North America and the setal complexes at the apices of the third and fourth antennal segments are described.
Some Entomobryidae Including Six New Species and One New Record of Cave Form (Collembola) from Korea
The present study brings Korean faunal list of Entomobryidae to 23 species in 3 genera, of which 16 are endemic to the country, and includes one new record from Korea, six new species and a cave form of Sinella genus.
A New Species of Halophilous Collembola (Insecta) from Korea
Three species of interstitial Collembola in Entomobryidae were identified from South Korean coast. One of them, Sinella (Coecobrya) maritima, is new to science. So far 21 halophilous species in 10
Tomocerid Collembola (Insecta) from Korean Caves Indluding a New Species
The present study eventually resulted in listing eight species in five subgenera of Korea cave Tomoceridae, and all Collebola from Korean caves nowenumerate 23 species (or subspecies) in nine genera of eight families.
A new species of Janusius Bretfeld, 2010 (Collembola, Sminthuridae) from the Korean Peninsula, with a key to the species of the genus.
Janusius geumgangensis sp. nov. is described and illustrated based on specimens from North Korea. The new species is characterised by having 3 spatulate chaetae on all tibiotarsus, 4 chaetae on