Kyung Hee Rhee

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The bifunctional glycoside hydrolase enzyme, CelM2, is able to hydrolyze glucan and xylan effectively. The crystal structure of this protein has been determined, providing useful sequential and structural information [K.H. Nam, S.J. Kim, K.Y. Hwang, Crystal structure of CelM2, a bifunctional glucanase-xylanase protein from a metagenome library, Biochem.(More)
G-protein-coupled receptors, which are major targets for drug discovery, play a major role in diverse physiological processes by relating changes in the extracellular environment to intracellular functions via activation of heterotrimeric G-proteins. However, G-protein activity is also modulated by a family of proteins called regulators of G-protein(More)
Fatty acid-CoA racemase plays an important role in the beta-oxidation of branched-chain fatty acids and fatty-acid derivatives as it catalyzes the conversion of several (2R)-branched-chain fatty acid-CoAs to their (2S)-stereoisomers. Fatty acid-CoA racemase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv has been purified to homogeneity and crystallized by the(More)
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