Kyung-Han Kim

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BACKGROUND The intubation difficulty scale (IDS) has been used as a validated difficulty score to define difficult intubation (DI). The purpose of this study is to identify airway assessment factors and total airway score (TAS) for predicting DI defined by the IDS. METHODS There were 305 ASA physical status 1-2 patients, aged 19-70 years, who underwent(More)
Transient recovery (TR) of evoked synaptic potentials and ATP depletion during the late stage of hypoxic hypoglycemic insults were investigated in rat hippocampal slices. TR was observed not only in the late stage of insult, but also during recovery. The concentration of ATP corresponded to the appearance (27% of control) and disappearance (15% of control)(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to investigate a dosage of remifentanil for attenuating cardiovascular changes during anesthetic induction in pediatric anesthesia. METHODS We examined the effect of remifentanil on the cardiovascular responses to intubation in 90 children ASA 1 patients, aged 4-15 years, randomly allocated to receive 1.0 ug/kg(More)
provided the original work is properly cited. CC In science, statistics is very important in the original article. It is not only proves the author’s conclusions, but also gives accreditation to the paper. Additionally, statistics, which had a basis in mathematics, is essential in modern sciences. Of course it provides a concrete basis for an original,(More)
MicroRNA (miRNA) pathways have been implicated in stem cell regulation. This study investigated the molecular effects of propofol on adipocyte stem cells (ASCs) by analyzing RNA expression arrays. Human ASCs were isolated by use of a liposuction procedure. ASCs were treated with saline, 50 µM propofol, or 100 µM propofol in culture media for 3 hours. After(More)
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