Kyung-Eun Moon

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Methanotrophs must become established and active in a landfill biocover for successful methane oxidation. A lab-scale biocover with a soil mixture was operated for removal of methane and nonmethane volatile organic compounds, such as dimethyl sulfide (DMS), benzene (B), and toluene (T). The methane elimination capacity was 211 ± 40 g m−2 d−1 at inlet loads(More)
Three identical lab-scale biocovers were packed with an engineered soil (BC 1), tobermolite only (BC 2), and a mixture of the soil and tobermolite (BC 3), and were operated at an inlet load of 338–400 g-CH4 m−2 d−1 and a space velocity of 0.12 h−1. The methane removal capacity was 293 ± 47 g-CH4 m−2 d−1 in steady state in the BC 3, which was significantly(More)
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