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Congenital chloride diarrhea (CLD) is a rare inherited autosomal recessive disorder. Mutations of the solute carrier family 26 member 3 gene cause profuse, chloride ion rich diarrhea, which results in hypochloremia, hyponatremia and metabolic alkalosis with dehydration. If a fetal ultrasound shows bowel dilatation suggestive of bowel obstruction, or if a(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated the extent of damage due to hypothermia in the mature and immature brain. METHODS Hippocampal tissue cultures at 7 and 14 days in vitro (DIV) were used to represent the immature and mature brain, respectively. The cultures were exposed at 25℃ for 0, 10, 30, and 60 minutes (n=30 in each subgroup). Propidium iodide fluorescent(More)
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