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The R-Spondin (RSpo) family of secreted proteins is implicated in the activation of the Wnt signaling pathway. Despite the high structural homology between the four members, expression patterns and phenotypes in knockout mice have demonstrated striking differences. Here we dissected and compared the molecular and cellular function of all RSpo family(More)
In the past few decades, the use of genistein as an anti-inflammatory agent has gained much attention. Our current study focuses on the preventive effects of genistein on cytokine-induced pancreatic beta-cell damage. Treatment of RINm5F (RIN) rat insulinoma cells with interleukin (IL)-1beta and interferon (IFN)-gamma induced cell damage, which was(More)
Several described growth factors influence the proliferation and regeneration of the intestinal epithelium. Using a transgenic mouse model, we identified a human gene, R-spondin1, with potent and specific proliferative effects on intestinal crypt cells. Human R-spondin1 (hRSpo1) is a thrombospondin domain-containing protein expressed in enteroendocrine(More)
BACKGROUND Up to now, two loci have been involved in XX sex-reversal in mammals following loss-of-function mutations, PIS (Polled Intersex Syndrome) in goats and R-spondin1 (RSPO1) in humans. Here, we analyze the possible interaction between these two factors during goat gonad development. Furthermore, since functional redundancy between different(More)
This study sought to determine a mortality prediction model that could be used for triage in the setting of acute hemorrhage from trauma. To achieve this aim, various machine learning techniques were applied using the rat model in acute hemorrhage. Thirty-six anesthetized rats were randomized into three groups according to the volume of controlled blood(More)
—Efficient service description and modeling methodologies are essential for dynamic service composition to provide autonomous services for users in ubiquitous computing environments. In our previous research, we proposed a 'u-service' ontology which is an abstract and structured concept for device operations in ubiquitous environments. One of the problems(More)
Recently, MET exon 14 deletion (METex14del) has been postulated to be one potential mechanism for MET protein overexpression. We screened for the presence of METex14del transcript by multiplexed fusion transcript analysis using nCounter assay followed by confirmation with quantitative reverse transcription PCR with correlation to MET protein expression by(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Deterioration of renal function in cirrhotic patients with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) is a predictor for in-hospital mortality; however, the clinical significance of renal dysfunction during bacterial infection other than SBP is unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence and clinical significance of renal(More)
The aims of this study were to evaluate the clinicopathologic features of Helicobacter heilmannii-associated gastritis and to compare H. heilmannii-associated gastritis with H. pylori-associated gastritis. We reviewed 5,985 consecutive gastric biopsy specimens. All cases of chronic gastritis with Helicobacter infection were evaluated with the Updated Sydney(More)