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A sensor node for sampling water and checking for the presence of harmful bacteria such as E. coli in water sources was developed in this research. A chromogenic enzyme substrate assay method was used to easily detect coliform bacteria by monitoring the color change of the sampled water mixed with a reagent. Live webcam image streaming to the web browser of(More)
In this research an open source, low power sensor node was developed to check the growth of mycobacteria in a culture bottle with a nitrate reductase assay method for a drug susceptibility test. The sensor system reports the temperature and color sensor output frequency change of the culture bottle when the device is triggered. After the culture process is(More)
The detection of bacterial growth in liquid media is an essential process in determining antibiotic susceptibility or the level of bacterial presence for clinical or research purposes. We have developed a system, which enables simplified and automated detection using a camera and a striped pattern marker. The quantification of bacterial growth is possible(More)
Simple methods using the striped pattern paper marker and FFT (fast Fourier transformation) have been proposed as alternatives to measuring the optical density for determining the level of bacterial growth. The marker-based method can be easily automated, but due to image-processing-base of the method, the presence of light or the color of the culture broth(More)
Inspection of the structural health of the bridge column is very important task but near-water surface region is dangerous for structural health monitoring robots due to water tides and spray. The unmanned surface vehicle with vertical thrusting function was developed to attach bridge column regardless of the surface status or material for close inspection(More)
In this paper, a sensor system using feature point tracking and optical flow to measure visual odometry is proposed to remove the GPS drift error of the hovering or landed UAVs without using an expensive INS sensor. A method of feature point tracking closest to the center of the field of view is used to reduce computational load. Measured pixel difference(More)
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