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Wireless interconnection within a hybrid engine controller board has been demonstrated by demodulating an AM signal transmitted with an on-chip antenna using a receiver located in the board. The receiver centered between 14 and 16 GHz uses a Schottky diode detector and should be able to support 400-Mbps data rate and ~15 cm range. The receiver does not(More)
A full-duplex transceiver for wireless inter-chip data communication in an engine controller board of hybrid electric vehicles that for the first time integrates an on-chip antenna and a duplexer, as well as allowing operation without a crystal frequency reference is demonstrated. The BER degradation of RX due to the TX operation is negligible when the(More)
A fully integrated merged 400-Mb/s clock data recovery (CDR) local oscillator (LO) generation circuit that provides both a 24-GHz local oscillation signal for an up-conversion mixer in a transmitter and a 400-MHz sampling clock for an ADC in a receiver for a crystalless wireless transceiver is demonstrated. The phase noise of the 24-GHz LO signal is -89(More)
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