Kyuho Jason Lee

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Object recognition processors have been reported for the applications of autonomic vehicle navigation, smart surveillance and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) [1-3]. Most of the processors adopt a single classifier rather than multiple classifiers even though multi-classifier systems (MCSs) offer more accurate recognition with higher robustness [4]. In(More)
Smart eyeglasses or head-mounted displays (HMDs) have been gaining traction as next-generation mainstream wearable devices. However, previous HMD systems [1] have had limited application, primarily due to their lacking a smart user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Since HMD systems have a small compact wearable platform, their UI requires new(More)
A low-energy 40/160 MHz dual-band full duplex body channel communication (BCC) transceiver and a 13.56 MHz R-C oscillator-based super-regenerative transceiver are integrated in 65 nm CMOS mixed mode process for both entertainment and healthcare applications. The on-chip R-C duplexer uses notch filters for full duplex communication with 40 Mb/s data rate and(More)
A low-power object recognition (OR) system with intuitive gaze user interface (UI) is proposed for battery-powered smart glasses. For low-power gaze UI, we propose a low-power single-chip gaze estimation sensor, called gaze image sensor (GIS). In GIS, a novel column-parallel pupil edge detection circuit (PEDC) with new pupil edge detection algorithm XY(More)